Solo Exhibitions:

2017 'Peripheral' Quest Gallery Midland
2014 CANADIAN SKIES, Petroff Gallery, Toronto 2012
PRO TEMPORE A RETROSPECTIVE, Agnes Jaimeson Gallery, Minden On. 2011
Frances Thomas Art Projects, Barrie On.Landscape With a Difference’ 2010
Quest Gallery Midland, On. 'New Work' 2009
The Carriage House Gallery, Midland,On. 'Boats and Shores' 2008
The Carriage House Gallery, Midland, On. 'Ganaraska' 2007
The Ethel Curry Gallery , Haliburton, Ontario, 'Rod Prouse'
2006 Sarah Beveridge Fine Art, Barrie, Ontario, 'Pro Tempore' 2006
The Gallery @ Chateau Whistler, BC 'Mountains' 2005
The Gallery @ Chateau Whistler, BC 'Skiscapes' 2001
Rails End Gallery, Haliburton, On 'Landscape 2000
2001 Jasper Originals Gallery, Alberta 'Jazz On Paper' 2000
Jasper Originals Gallery, Alberta 'New Work' 1999
Open Studio . Toronto 'Rod Prouse, Visiting Artist' 1996
Malton gallery, Cincinnati, 'Mixed media works by Rod Prouse' 1995
Bancroft Gallery, Bancroft, On. 'Powertools and Paint' 1994
MacLaren Gallery, Barrie, On. 'Rod Prouse, Block Prints and Painted Wood Assemblages' 1993
Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga 'Six Large Woodcuts of Belize' 1992
Walnut World, Toronto, window display 1991
Workscene Gallery, Toronto 'Zoo' 1990
Koffler Gallery, Toronto 'Seven Sacred Pools ­ Paintings from Hawaii' 1990
John Noott Gallery, Broadway, G.B. 'Rod Prouse in France' 1990
Workscene Gallery, Toronto 'Hotel Christie ­ Paintings from France' 1988
Karney Daniels Gallery, Toronto 'Rod Prouse' 1984
McDowell Gallery, Toronto 'South West' 1982
Centre d'Activities Francais, Penetanguishene, On. 'Rod Prouse' 1981
McDowell Gallery, Toronto 'City Scapes' 1980 The Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto
'New Works' 1981 La Galerie Shayne, Montreal 'Rod Prouse ­ Mixed Media' 1980 La Galerie Shayne, Montreal
'Rod Prouse' 1980 McDowell Gallery, Toronto 'Rod Prouse'
1979 McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg '100th Anniversary of the C.N.E.' 1979
Manuge Gallery, Halifax 'Rod Prouse' 1979
The Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto 'The Land ' 1978
The Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto 'Recent Works' 1977
The Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto 'New Work

Group Exhibitions:

'TD/Thor 2018 Art Prize' Quest Gallery 2019
'Ice Cube Gallery' an ice hut installation/gallery on Lake Kashagawigamog, Haliburton , On 2019
'TD/Thor 2018 Art Prize' Quest Gallery 2018
'Sky to Shore’ Quest Gallery, Midland 2015
'Spirit of the Red Pine' Elgin Gallery, North Bay 2014
'Sensory' Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden On 2010
"Old and New' Algonquin Art Centre 2010
'Canadian Landscape' Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden On 2007
'Fuel' Station Gallery, Haliburton, Ontario 2007
'Envisioning landscape' MacLaren Art Centre , Barrie 2005/6
'Painters of the Park' Algonquin Park Art Centre 2005
'Solid Ground', Sarah Beverage Contemporary Art, Barrie 2004
'Collaborations Project' Station Gallery, Whitby 2003
MacLaren Art Centre , Barrie 'Paths,Patterns, Places' 2000
'Transmedia2000' electronic billboard video art project ,Toronto 2000
Maclaren Gallery, Barrie 'Under Construction' 2000
The Canada Trust Gallery, Toronto Reference Library 'Painters of the last Century" 1999
Interaccess. Toronto 'Tactile Video'
1998 Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, 'Temogami Artists' 1997
InterAccess, Toronto, 'XXX' Art and Robotics Group 1996
The Winter Garden Show at The Royal , Toronto, 'The Art Of The Garden'
1994/95/96/97/98/99 Jasper Originals, Alberta 'Gallery Artists'
1995 Blue Mountain Foundation For the Arts, Collingwood 'Third Photography Exhibition' 1994
Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, On. 'Collaborations' 1992
MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, On. 'Mask and Metaphor' 1991
Erindale Campus Art Gallery, Mississauga, 'Art At Grass Roots' 1990
Workscene Gallery, Toronto 'Artists Choice' 1990 Gallery 291, Toronto
'Seductive Figuration' 1989 John B. Aird Gallery,
Toronto 'A Profile: Workscene Co-op'
1988 Barrie Art Project, Barrie, On. 'Second Nature'
1988 Orillia Opera House, Orillia, On. 'Shades of Summer'
1987 Erindale Campus Art Gallery, Mississauga, On. 'Art Exhibitions in Schools' 1986 Karney Daniels Gallery, Toronto 'Group Show' 1984 Gairlock Gallery, Oakville, On. 'Sunstrokes'
1984 Kulturhaus-Wetzlar, West Germany 'Kanada­Maler um Midland'
1984 O Keefe Centre, Toronto 'The Opera Guild Annual Contemporary Art Show'
1981 La Galerie Shayne, Montreal 'Realists Maritime'
1976 Manuge Gallery, Halifax 'Rod & Bill Prouse'

Collections: Public

Toronto City of North York
Town of Wetzlar, West Germany
Toronto Public Library
Scarborough Board of Education
Pickering College Newmarket
Campion College,
University of Regina
Erindale College, University of Toronto
MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie


Dofasco Canada
Dean Whittier Reynolds, New York U.S.A.
Conklin Amusements
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Bryston Ltd.
Bank of Nova Scotia
Allstate Insurance Co., U.S.A.
Hempola, Canada
Air Canada Centre,
World Trade Centre, New York U.S.A.
Sears, U.S.A.
Seaway Trust
Permanent Trust Co.
Perle Systems Limited
Imperial Tobacco Co.
Hyal Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Hudson's Bay Co.
Domtar Canada  


2018 Ontario Arts Council Established Visual Artist Creation Grant YahOO!
2017 Town of Midland 'Exellance in Culture Award'
2017 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant
2014 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant
2013 Artist In Residence, Banff Springs Hotel
2012 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant
2000-20117 Instructor, Fine Arts, Sir Sandford Fleming College-Haliburton School of the Arts
2000-01-02 Instructor, Visual Arts Dept, Centennial College, Toronto
1999 Ontario Arts Council, First Video/Film Grant
1998 Artist in Residence, Open Studio, Toronto
1998 1st prize award Blue Mountain Foundation For the Arts Photo Exhibition
1994/95/96/97/98/99/00/01/02/03/04/05 Ontario Arts Council A.I.E. Grants
1996/97 Ontario Arts Council Residency Grant
1996 Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Grant
1996 Ontario Arts Council Special Project Grant for Individuals
1994 Supon Design Award of Merit 'Rod Prouse/MacLaren Gallery catalogue'
1979 to 1993 inclusive- Ontario Arts Council C.A.I.S. Grants
1985 Canada Council Project Grant
1983 T.V. Ontario Travelling Art Workshops
1972-74 Pickering College, Newmarket - Art Teacher, grades 6-10
1969 Central Technical School, Toronto -Art Instructor, night school
1968 Graduate of The Ontario College of Art, A.O.C.A. Drawing and Painting

Selected Bibliographies~Reviews:

Jill Price, Curator Quest Art, 2017 “..whimsical and imbued with energy, ‘Peripheral’ is an exemplary body of work that uses both humour and speculation to imagine untold narratives… Prouse’s rhythmic and dynamic approach to storytelling still leaves room for audiences to imagine their own stories in the work.”

McKnight, Claudia-ARTCITY MAGAZINE Sept. 2001 'ROD PROUSE-PERCEPTION' "The colours were saturated and celebratory; the brush strokes were a rich staccatothat galloped across the tightly packed composition. It was a landscape quite unlike anything I had experienced before. It seemed to lift and breathe, almost float off its wood panel."

Woods, Kay – ARTS CANADA, December 1979 “Prouse paints with ease and exuberance. He expresses a fresh, and refreshing, new vision with each work.”

Purdy, James – “Colours Dancing to a New Set of Tunes,” THE GLOBE AND MAIL October l, 1977 “Rod Prouse, whose pastel drawings with watercolour are among the most accomplished and inventive of their kind to be produced in Canada since the death of David Milne, appears to be moving effortlessly from strength to strength. His work may one day be ranked with the best being produced anywhere in the world. They are so orchestrated, so full of controlled exuberance and dancing energies of line and colour, that most viewers, myself included, find the pictures a rewarding experience.”

Moore, William – Director/curator, MACLAREN ART CENTRE, Rod Prouse, 1993 Block Prints and Painted Wood Assembledges (Catalogue) “Working with drawing tools as unlikely as routers, skill saws and grinders, Rod Prouse creates intact universes embedded in line and shape. His assemblages resemble the garish quality of pet store fish tanks – enclosed and interrelated. The woodcuts are done directly from his sketchbook. Unfettered and direct, these unions of wood and paper respond to the ‘moment within a scene’ – they bring us to his sketchbook and to his experience. Within the work of Prouse we sense the scraping of surface to reveal places of energy and places of life.”

Hartman, John – “Second Nature, An Exhibition of New Pastoral Art (Catalogue)” BARRIE ART PROJECT, 1988 “Prouse’s fascination with popular culture remained and extended to some of the funkier rural environment around his studio. His work gained an intellectual content, as his newly developed rural graffiti style allowed a greater play of ideas and visual images.”
Rod Prouse was born in London, England. Graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1968 and now lives on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
"My work has recently shifted from painting landscapes to looking at landscape as a vessel that posses visual questions and suggests narrative. This new work is process driven. There is minimal preliminary planning involved. Rather the paintings more or less paint themselves.
The process is one of mapping place through constructing layered passages of mark-making and imaging, of revealing and concealing, of tagging objects and unveiling dialogues.
The intention is to create an ambiguous, immersive environment that promotes a discussion with the viewer." RP
rod prouse

new work