POV SERIES......Paintings exploring visual reality

New works looking at landscape situations and how we experience location, not so much as an organization of shapes, horizons, foregrounds, vistas and such, but as a map that indexes the situation and places us in an immersive, narrative context.

I want to suggest that we respond not only to what we are observing but that we ourselves are immersed as an axis constantly moving through time and space.

I am also exploring the relationship between the ‘magic realism’ of the static photo snapshot and the constantly roving and refocusing of our natural visual experience.

This is achieved partly by introducing a temporal aspect to the work by suggesting multiple ‘points of view’ that suggests a time-line.

Interestingly enough, a photographer buddy pointed out that new camera developments were using technology to create multiple pov’s and total depth of field effects (light-field cameras to achieve similar ends.
Looking on line at ‘light-field cameras supported the concept that aspects of my new work resonated with recent digital imaging strategies.

Juxtapositions are also moving me. Artifacts and objects left behind or slightly out of context tell stories. In creating a ‘snap shot’ image/map (the painted 'snapshot' renderings ) that sit within a related but abstracted colour-field/textural matrix I am attempting to support this narrative,

Rod Prouse